Straight from the savanna to your sitting room, Giraffe has a seriously long neck perfect for tug-of-war. He’s also got a hell of a squeak, didn’t you know that’s the sound giraffes make in the wild?! Made with super d-rable fabric, he’ll be hanging out in the jungle with your dog for a long time to come.


A trouly fanky monkey, this little fella has decided to go punk and dye his fur electric green. But don’t worry about your pup falling in with the wrong crowd… this monkey just wants to play fetch!

Venison Sausage

Ever think your dog eats better than you? Well you will now, these British venison sausages with juicy chopped apple will have your pup feeling like the king of the jungle!


In the jungle, people use a particular tree bark to clean their teeth. Your pup can do the same with these gourmetdental sticks made from 100% premium chicken and sweet potato. These treats are designed to satisfy your dog's natural instinct to chew, so your slippers will finally be safe!


The perfect treat for dogs with sensitive tummies, these treats are made with a vet approved formula for dogs that need a wheat free diet. With apple, mint and ginger, these tasty bone shaped biscuits are a hit.

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