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What is Floof Box?

A box of dog happiness delivered monthly from the Floof Family directly to dogs and their people. Each box tells a different story with themed toys, treats and surprises. The classic assortment is 2 toys and 3 treats. You will get at least 5 items every month that are valued over £40

What Floof Box Size Should I Get For My Dog?

We offer 3 sizes:
1. Small: for most pups under 9 kgs
2. Medium: for most pups between 10-25 kgs
3. Large: for pups over 25 kgs

What Comes In a Floof Box?

You will get at least 5 items every month. The classic assortment is 2 toys and 3 treats.

Toys: Floof toys are all high quality and we stand behind them.  We choose every item to match the overall theme of the box. Variety allows you to try a whole range of items you may never have realised your dog loves.

Treats: All our treats are made in the UK with only the best quality. Nothing cheap and nasty! No artificial colours, no preservatives and no additives!

We help you make healthy choices for your pup!

What if my dog doesn't like something in the box?

If something in your box isn’t working out for you and your pup please let us know and we will fix it. You can contact us on floof@floofbox.com. We want the tails to be wagging at all times. We do accept returns and will refund your payment (minus any delivery charges)

What if I wanted to cancel my subscribtion?

You may cancel at anytime, and canceling is as easy as subscribing. All you need to do to is login at the top page and then go on My Account >  Edit your subscribtion   > Cancel subscribtion. If you need any help, just drop us an email on floof@floofbox.com

Where do Floof box products come from?

We only work with local suppliers for all edible products. Toys and accessories are sourced from all over the world. We only source the best products with the higest quality materials. All items are analyzed and tested before going out!

What If My Dog Or Somebody Else In My Family Has Allergies?

We can accommodate nearly all allergy needs.  We can accommodate nearly all allergy needs. You can let us know during sign up so your first box meets your dog’s needs!

Are Your Toys Safe?

Rest assured that we would never send anything that we wouldn't give our very own beloved floofs. Our toys are made with the highest quality materials. We do always recommend supervised play though as all dogs have unique play styles. If the structure of a toy is ever compromised please throw the item away to minimize risk of ingestion

How Fast Can I Get It? Do I Pay For Shipping?

Shipping is FREE for customers in the UK.
We ship out Floof box within the first two weeks of every monthwith an estimated delivery of 2-8 business days across the UK.


still have questions?

Send us a note and we'd be happy to lend you a paw.