With a squeaky tail and abnormally short arms, T-Wag is perfect for Jurassic games of tug-of-war and fetch


This dino may look tough but he has a heart of gold, so don’t be surprised to find your pup cuddling up with him! He’s made of super durable fabric so if they do get into a tussle he’ll stay in tip-top condition


Powerhouse ingredients coconut and chia seeds are featured in every self-respecting brunch cafes’ menus these days. Add some high quality chicken and you’ve got these tasty treats that’ll keep your pup’s coat shining.

Dental Sup

Keep your pooches breath smelling FRESH with these luxury sausages. A sausage that cleans your teeth may sound unlikely but these bad boys have citrus extract and aniseed which work as antibacterial agents and remove plaque. Even better, they contain 80% fresh British lamb!

Real Meaty Treats

A dinosaur’s diet has to include a mixture of delicious, fresh meats. Enter these 95% chicken and lamb snacks, perfect for training your pup to do a velociraptor impression

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